Adhesive Mixer Machine

$100 USD

Adhesive ingredients need to be thoroughly mixed together in order for the product to perform properly, which is why this Adhesive Mixing Machine will make such a difference in your lash sets.

"I originally got myself one because I was tired of taking breaks to vigorously try to get a better drop of adhesive. I had no idea it was going to become such an asset to my business. Not only do you not have to do it by hand anymore, but this thing will get your product working better than you’ve ever seen. Your viscosity will be right on point and you’ll see the results in your adhesive’s workability AND your retention. I knew I had to offer it to you guys, cause it’s seriously just that good!" -Jess

Helpful tip: I learned that you really don’t need to apply too much pressure when pushing your bottle into the top. Find the sweet spot by holding your adhesive at an angle, pushing down enough to get it vibrating but not so hard to where it sounds like grinding, and when you hear the liquid shaking around, that’s when you’ve got it perfect! I start by doing about 30 seconds to a minute on it and then will hit it again for about 30 seconds or so every once in a while when I see the beads I’m dispensing are starting to look more like a puddle than a round dome on micropore tape. Don’t focus too much on how much time you’re shaking adhesives for, just focus on what you’re seeing when it’s being dispensed. KEY! 

"Your satisfaction is the most important thing to me. I work very hard to ensure that every product that goes out is checked and in the case of Tweezers, I hand-test them all myself." - Jess Brandler

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