I’m Jess Brandler, lash artist, educator and founder of J Brand Beauty. I originally set out to source products specifically for my training kits, but when I realized these supplies were far better than anything I had ever purchased for myself, I knew I had to share them with other artists.

My first batch of tweezers sold out in minutes and with every restock, it went the same!

Since the beginning, my commitment has been to keep J Brand Beauty a store where I ONLY sell products that were absolute game changers for my artistry. That way I can ensure they'll do the same for yours. I specifically order them in small batches so that I can personally oversee quality control with the detailed eye of a lash artist.

We don’t just say our Volume tweezers are next level and that they’re hand tested, we literally prove it to you. Your Volume tool will arrive with a fan inside the cap, to show you that it’s been put to the test by a skilled Volume artist! No more finding “sweet spots”, we make sure your entire tweezer is flawless!

I’m a lash artist just like you… I value the investment you put into your craft and truly want to help you create an artistry out of your lash business!

Welcome to J Brand Beauty!