"JBrand Advocate Artist is a movement I have had in my heart and mind for a long time. I’ve been a solo lash artist and I’ve been partnered with other lash companies, and I know the power that creating your own brand and sharing it with the world can bring. I standby my products at J Brand Beauty, I use them in my studio, I believe they’ve taken my craft to the next level and I know they’re high-quality, however, it would be unrealistic to expect others to exclusively use only my brand when other brands have so much to offer as well. As an influencer, I believe it’s so important to be authentic to your audience about who you are and which products you really use. Because of this theory, J Brand Advocate Artists will be NON EXCLUSIVE to J Brand Beauty.”

About J Brand Advocate Artists

Our J Brand Advocate Artists are a group of businesswomen who are making waves in the lash industry. They are an inspiration to others, they openly share tips, tricks, and insights into their business and passionately rep others in their community. They have cultivated their own unique brand story and their skills are admirable.

How does it work?

We believe in community and organically supporting each other whenever possible. This partnership does not require a minimum number of posts or for you to only use J Brand Beauty products. We offer a discount for when you do choose to post about the brand and we encourage content to be genuine and positive. The intention is to help other lash artists discover J Brand Beauty products they’ll love and benefit from! We send our Advocate Artists new and existing products to test for feedback so we can receive firsthand feedback on what we can improve or build on. Advocate Artists are also featured on our Instagram channel and website to help grow our community and create new connections!


are you ready to join us?

You’re engaged with your followers, passionate about what you do and your social platforms are thoughtfully designed. Your work is always evolving, you invest in developing your skills and you inspire others to do the same. When fellow lash artists have questions, you’re happy to answer.

Does that sound like you? If so please email Jess [here] including a short bio about yourself, how long you’ve been lashing, which J Brand Beauty products you’ve tried and love and why you think you would be a great addition to the J Brand Advocate Artist group. Don’t forget to include your Instagram handle so we can find you!