Clearly Luxe Adhesive

$65 USD

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Clearly Luxe is 10g of crystal clear adhesive dreams! It's extremely workable in any condition with the right use of the product. Lash artists from around the U.S. and Canada have tested this formula in various ranges of humidity from 20-50% and have achieved excellent results! 

This adhesive contains only two ingredients which make for a more concentrated liquid that provides a faster dry time of 1-2 seconds. Not only is it more concentrated than a black adhesive, but it is made without Carbon Black, so it may be perfect for certain clients with sensitivities.

If you're wondering why there's no environment specifications, it's because it doesn't need anything specific! Yes, I wasn't going to launch adhesives unless they were workable in ANY environment and here they are, Clearly Luxe and Simply Black. I fell in love with the formula in 16% humidity Colorado and still love and use them in Hawaii. Please check out my blog post about how to be a master of your product so that it will perform perfectly for you too, whatever your room is like!

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