Not only was I thrilled about the invitation to collaborate with my favorite lash company SugarlashPRO, but being apart of this new team was super exciting as well! I was chosen along with 6 other artists from all around the U.S. and Canada to become a Sugarlash Squad Member. I had always admired these women on social media and would now be meeting them in person on our first trip together to Calgary, back in October of 2016! 

I love how driven, inspiring, creative and talented these women are! They are all successful and empowering figures in our industry and I'm so grateful to be considered on their level. 

Oh, and whats craziest, is that out of the 7 of us from all the potential choices there were on social media, I knew 2 of them personally!! Meghan, Christina and I know each other from when I lived in Vegas! It was so cool to see that the three of us were all recognized in this amazing way.

We were able to lash together, share techniques and come up with the outline of our 2017 training offerings. With our favorite videographers from Ringtail Films capturing every moment!  

I loved discussing and hearing how these women conduct their businesses from all of our different locations. I have grown so much as a person and artist from having met them.

In true Sugarlash fashion, everything was super chic, on brand and completely luxurious! We went to an amazing dinner with some of the wonderful Sugarlash staff members, got pedicures and massages at the spa, and even took a trip up the mountainside for dinner in a tour bus. 

We all left more motivated than ever and so excited about our new friendships and plans! We would be seeing each other for The LashPro Accelerator filming in LA in just a few more months, and could hardly wait for our next reunion!

Check out my Squad Bio video we filmed in Calgary! https://www.lashproacademy.com/jess