Hi, I'm Jess Brandler! The name for my business, J Brand Beauty, came about not only from my actual name and nickname, but also due to my lifelong love of all things beauty related and my personal style preference of minimalism in all things. I believe that less is more and that a girl is truly her prettiest when she’s sporting nothing but great skin, gorgeous brows and fresh lashes. I started in this industry as a brow artist, but I soon fell in love with the idea of lash extensions, knowing I could provide a woman with everything her face needs to be absolutely stunning in the most simple way, with the most effortless beauty routine. Now that’s SIMPLIFIED LUXURY!

I was raised with four older brothers and a mom who's naturally more of a tomboy. I love being surrounded by the boys, but my mom loved finally having a daughter and fully supported and enhanced my girly nature. I have always had a deep rooted love for all things feminine. By middle school I was watching all the high fashion runway shows on TV, rather than your usual after school sitcoms and cartoons. I appreciate luxury, the unique beauty that every woman carries and the creativity behind fashion, beauty and style. Even though my most frequented shop spot is Forever 21…

I grew up in Southern California, just outside of LA. I’ve lived in Orange County and also Las Vegas and Colorado. I now currently live in Hawaii. The lifestyle I was raised in being from Cali and now experience living on the island, is perfect for my mindset and my brand. Living by the beach, all you need is your lashes done and your brows groomed! I even love lived in hair color. A girl closest to her natural state is the most beautiful form to me. I want my products to represent that ideology as well, because they make your craft effortless and produce a really beautiful and complete result. I don’t sell anything that hasn’t personally enhanced my own lash game and believe all you need are these basics I provide. Keep it simple, cool and super chic.  

I love to make sure I’m always in the know of my industry and of what's currently trending. So needless to say, this blog has been a long time coming!

Actually, I had a blog once, about how to be super fabulous on a poor girl's budget. Which included a post about Press On Nails, staying fresh and polished when you only have $7. Ha! I still love a great deal and a good beauty hack, but times have changed, and so has my income. Thank God! :)

So, I look forward to sharing what I love, what I'm into, what I'm up to, what I'm curious about and of course all things lashes and brows! Message or email me at jessbrandler@jbrandbeauty.com if there’s anything you’d like to know, want me to cover or if you have something you’re interested in picking my brain about!