Why YOU Should be Building a Lash Community!

Being a lash artist is so rewarding, but it can also mean you’re working alone and that can feel lonely and pretty isolating at times. I’ve been there! It’s such a specific, niche craft, that it’s hard to find people who can relate or that you can commiserate with and celebrate your wins with, who really get it! Which is why it’s a great idea to create a local lash community for yourself! But that’s not the only reason it can be beneficial…

The number one reason and the one that’s been the most special to me in my lash journey, is just creating really great friendships with like minded people who have similar interests. It’s so much fun to be able to connect over the thing you’re passion about and that you’ve decided to make your career! Don’t underestimate the power of a really good friend!

With that friendship comes having support in your lash life and a person to look to for advice or understanding when you need it. And being able to offer that to them in return. It’s so rewarding!

You really want to be able to refer clients to someone you trust when you need to. Having someone nearby that you know does good work, treats their clients well and will cater to their needs while you can’t, is huge! And remember, your clients chose you for a reason and there’s clients for every type of artist, so it’s not “losing” them, it’s doing what’s best for them and for you at the same time!

Having a lash friend means you have someone to collaborate with! As lash artist, it can be so easy to get lost in the work. There’s no better way to get reinspired or get those creative juices flowing again, than by doing something creative! With your lash friend, you can do a shoot together, do a post together, put together a course, an e book, a Live video people can tune into, etc! So much more fun and less intimidating to go at these things with a friend!

In order to cultivate that sense of community and strengthen your relationships, you can create an event for local lash artists in your area! These types of hang outs are happening all across the nation right now and it’s so fun to see! They’re not only just a good excuse to have fun, but they can also be educational and provide an opportunity to bring up your local lash industry by connecting with one another and raising the standard for your area together! 

With a connection to a nearby artist, you can create accountability between each other on your lash business goals. Brainstorm new ideas or streams of revenue together and even level up your artistry together by signing up for a course, practicing together, teaching each other something new, etc! 

In general, it’s just so nice having lash besties, people who really get it! So, don’t be afraid and remember that there is truly no such thing as competition if you’re creating COMMUNITY instead!

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