Why This Lash Glue Will Be The Only Glue You’ll Ever Need!

There’s a reason (or I should say *reasons*) why Clearly Luxe made us a top lash brand the year it was launched and that it continues to be an industry favorite. Let me give you a little back story…

When I met my future husband, he was stationed in the Army in Colorado and I was in my home state of California. I had a full and thriving clientele and I was well known for my business and my skill set.

When I decided to make the move and leave my clientele behind, I had all kinds of emotions over it, but most of my nerves came from that temp and humidity change! Lol I’m sure you understand!

Going from about 65-75% humidity to about 15% was something I was super apprehensive of. I knew how to master my California range, but what would happen when I was in completely new territory?! Would my adhesive work!? Would I need to find a new one?! I was scared, guys!

Around that time was also when I had launched my collection of tweezers! J Brand Beauty was officially a supply brand and because of the popularity my newfound store was experiencing, I knew I wanted to offer an adhesive as well. 

I had been playing with formulations when I landed on something that was giving me the kind of viscosity I had never experienced before! And in this new, crazy low, humidity range too! I was STOKED! 

I figured it would launch it as a “low humidity adhesive” and sent it off to top lash artists all over the U.S. for testing and feedback.

The results came in and those who were in a warmer climate with a higher humidity level felt the same way about it that I did in my Colorado winter!! And those who were also in a colder, less humid environment loved it, too!

I knew I had something special!

From the time Clearly Luxe hit the scene it’s been an industry leader for adhesives. It’s extremely workable in any environment which makes it a lash artists ‘go to’ glue, year round! No more fussing and stressing over what adhesive you’re going to use depending on your environment’s conditions… just game changing performance and retention no matter what!!

If you haven’t experienced the difference, grab yourself a bottle HERE and join the thousands of artists who have tried it and never looked back! 
For my best kept secrets on retention, check out THIS YouTube video! Trust me, you need to know these things!

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