Things Top Lash Artists Do That Justify their Higher Prices!

A New Year is fast approaching and that often comes with raised prices for business owners in two ways; the increased costs of running their business and as a result, the price they need to charge for it. Lash artists typically use the new year as a way to update their menu and increase their prices, but you may be wondering if you can actually get away with it.
Maybe your rent went up, the cost of your products is higher, gas getting to work is costing more, etc. Which would make sense that you’d want to raise your prices, but is what you’re actually providing your clients with worth the price you’re asking them to pay? That boils down to so much more than just the results and look of their lashes…


Let’s get into the reasons why you may want to charge a higher price, and some things you should be doing if you’re going to be considered worth that price tag to your customers…

We went over the higher costs of running your business, which is absolutely a justified reason for charging a higher price, but the investments on what you do run further than that. Your education is another thing to consider! What learning have you done and invested in to acquire your knowledge and your skillset? Is it entry level or have you truly invested in your craft? Have you been certified by some of the best? Have you taken courses on specific advanced techniques? Have you become the best version of yourself as a service provider or do you have big upcoming plans? These are all great ways to back up a higher price point!

Now what about the effort you’re putting into your customer experience. Are you even giving your customers an experience or just providing them with a service?

If you’re not sure what that means or what the difference is, check out this video I made where I walk you through exactly what I mean and how you can make sure your customer experience is on point! 

You want your customers to feel a level of quality and care even before they ever step foot into your space, and definitely during their time with you and then even following their appointment. This starts with what the experience is like when they’re first browsing through your marketing platforms. What feelings or thoughts does it provoke for them? What happens when they book? Is that experience clear, thorough and impressive? How do they feel in your space and while they’re being treated with your offering? Is your space clean and impressive? Are YOU well put together and professional in all aspects of how you come off? What can you do to make their time with you a truly memorable and luxe time in their day? Do you send them off with anything? Do you follow up with them in any way? Get very clear on this. Analyze your business and your offerings from their perspective and figure out where you can improve or maybe you’ll realize that you are giving an incredible service and it’s time to put a price tag on it! You want their entire experience with you to be of a high level of quality and something that will make them feel like they are more than happy to pay you what you’re worth!

You also should be good at what you do and have the ability to produce killer results. Is your skillset on par with the price tag you want on your menu? If you’re thinking it may not be, work on developing your craft. Practice in your off time, take a training course and analyze your work and where you may need to make some improvements. If your work IS amazing, you should be making sure you’re showcasing it, and often! Show off what those future clients are missing out on!

HERE is a blog post about practicing in a specific way that will quickly improve your speed and skill set!

HERE is a YouTube Video about structuring your menu in a way that allows you to provide those killer lash sets you’re capable of!

Now that you’ve got all those things going for you and you’re very clear about what makes you one of the best, you gotta make sure it’s also very clear to your audience and to your clients! Especially for those who may be in the market for your service and just need that extra reassurance on their decision to choose you, as well as those who have been coming to you and may be learning of your upcoming price increase. Spell it out for them, showcase these traits you have, these special things you do or the continued education you’ve invested in! Post about them, make sure they’re clear on your website, hang your certs up in your space as a means of showing your value! Some people forget to stop and smell the roses and to really take note of what makes something so great. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn and let your clients and future clients know that you are valuable and that their investment in you will absolutely be worth it!

If you're ready to update those prices, check out THIS blog post where I give the exact steps on how to determine your prices, as well as what to say to announce them to your clients!

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