The One Product Every Lash Artist Needs to Improve Their Retention!

Every lash artist at some point in their career deals with a retention issue. It’s literally the most frequent thing I’m asked for help with. I’ve been there and I totally get how difficult and frustrating it is when you’re trying everything to troubleshoot it and your clients are suffering at the cost! While a lot goes into what could be causing poor retention, I’m telling you, this one product is so underestimated and something every lash artist needs in order to get better retention!

The Adhesive Mixer Machine! 

Early in my lash career while I was still huffing and puffing away while shaking my adhesive by hand, feeling super awkward doing it behind the client who I felt like was wondering what I was doing… I thought an Adhesive Mixer Machine was cool, but probably unnecessary. 

I eventually decided to get one just to see what all the hype was about, and man, I had been SO wrong about it!

The thing is, we’re artists. Which means our tools are essential to our creations, but without properly caring for and prepping them, they’re not able to perform as best as we want them to. Which directly affects our results.

As someone who’s been a part of creating adhesive formulas, I know that our adhesive’s ingredients MIXED thoroughly together is what causes it to have incredible workability and long lasting retention. When we’re shaking by hand and not properly integrating those ingredients, we’re prohibiting the formula from doing what it’s fully capable of. 

If you’ve ever used a Mixer Machine, you can literally see the benefits from mixing your adhesive when you dispense a drop afterwards. It’s a result you just can’t get from shaking it by hand. Not to mention in a significantly shorter amount of time. 

Once I knew I didn’t have to huff and puff and be awkwardly pausing for so long behind the client, I was definitely sold! lol

But seriously, after having experienced the difference in the performance of my adhesive and my improved retention after using a Mixer vs. shaking it by hand, from then on as an Educator, I always included it in my recommended list of ‘must have’ supplies for any new lash artist. 

This was before I was selling them, guys! I believed in them that much that I considered them an essential item to any successful lash business. 

While it’s not the cheapest item, it’s also not a huge investment. That being said, it’s an investment into your RETENTION. And for your business, great lash retention means greater client retention.

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I’m excited for you to experience this lash game level up!

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