THE BEST lash cleanser!

I came across Prolong in my extensive search as a lash artist to find the best lash cleanser. One that didn’t sting the eyes, that was profitable for retail, a decent quantity of product and something that enhanced my client's retention. You'd think that would be standard for lash cleansers. Those are simple needs that were far exceeded when I tried Prolong Lash Cleanser for the first time. This wash is designed for lash extensions and made for the ultimate retention. It’s naturally pH balanced, so no burning... ever! It’s free of all oils and glycerin, made with amazing ingredients and even smells heavenly... like roses! It’s 100ml of product compared to a lot of the 50ml options I had seen on the market. Prolong is an Australian company though, so shipping was not cheap! 

Fast forward, I’m randomly scrolling DEEP into my email inbox searching for something one day, when I see an unread message from Kerry, the owner of Prolong Lash. A message sent several months before I ever came across and purchased the product, but somehow never saw it. She was inquiring about my interest in becoming an American reseller for the cleanser. WHAT?! Hell yes!! I replied and not soon after was on a Skype call with her. Perfect timing because I had just started selling tweezers... this is in the beginning of J Brand the lash brand, guys!! Anyways, I raved about the solution and told her that we definitely need it in the U.S. market and that I would be so honored to make it accessible to my customers. I shared with her that when I first got my bottle, I felt like their recommended ratio of solution to distilled water was more than was needed and honestly unnecessary in achieving a really fantastic foam. I let her know that when I received my first cleanser, I played with ratios to see what kind of results I got.


I first filled a 50ml foam pump bottle with just a little cleanser, added water, (left space to prevent overflow from the lid going on) shook and pumped it. Wasn’t enough, it was too runny. Next time, I added more cleanser, tried it, and loved it! So... I went with that! Which ended up being 2 parts solution to 6 parts distilled water, the remaining 2 parts was room for the top to screw on. By “parts” I mean I visually split the bottle in half and considered the bottom half 5 parts and the top half would be the other 5 parts, to make 10 parts, or 100% of the bottle. You can absolutely add more cleanser if you’d like a thicker foam, but I just didn’t feel it was necessary. I loved the result I saw and how well it cleansed with just about that much. Also I was selling these individual bottles as aftercare, so ‘just enough’ was good for me and made me the most amount of bottles possible without compromising the quality! I also believe you don’t want the foam too thick in the bottle you’re using to wash your clients lashes with, because you don’t want it to be too difficult to rinse out by just running water over their lash line.

So, if you’re looking for an amazing product that provides even more amazing results, don’t waste your time, I’ve found it for you! Join some of the best in the lash game who are totally hooked and give your clients the best lash cleanser, prolong lash cleanser!

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