The 4 Things You Need to Elevate Your Artistry

These are the 4 things that took me from a lash service to a lash artistry! With these things, I was able to offer better results and a better client experience! Not to mention, the one change that helped me earn way more while working way less!

The first thing was my Mixer Machine. When I decided to make the investment and stop shaking my adhesive by hand, my adhesive’s performance was totally different. The viscosity was something I was definitely not seeing before, when I was shaking my glue by hand. My bonds snapped into place and my retention was on point. Not only that, but all those minutes I had been hand shaking my bottle apparently add up, because I gained more time for lashing by only needing to use my machine for a short time here and there. If you’ve ever considered getting one, don’t hesitate!

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Next up is a change you can make to your business, rather than a product. It’s optimizing your schedule structure! Something you should seriously consider doing is lengthening your appointments. That way you’ll take less clients and have time frames that enable you to deliver results that are absolutely your best! If you wanna run your business like an artistry, you shouldn’t be:

  • Overbooked and exhausted
  • Rushing your services
  • Going from client to client with no breaks or preparation
  • Giving a lackluster experience because of the way you’re scheduled
  • Unable to design and prepare for a new client’s results 

If you set yourself up with longer time frames and fewer clients per day, you’ll produce better quality results, feel much happier doing the work and it’ll translate over to your client experience as well. Now you may be thinking less clients means less income! Which is why your price points need to change, too. If you come up with an hourly rate you feel your time is worth, and that you’ll be excited to earn, you can price your services to reflect that rate. Which means, if you spent 3 hours doing a Volume Full Set, you’d make the same as if you spent 3 hours doing 3 Classic Fills. And when you increase your price, you can afford to work less. It should always be the goal… to deliver better results, offer a memorable and enjoyable client experience and to be earning top dollar as a lash artist! And remember, if you want to have a lash ARTISTRY, you won’t be for every client. You’ll attract those who want what you have to offer and who are willing to pay for it.

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Once you adjust the way you schedule yourself, you’ll have more time to dedicate to your craft! Investing in an iPad and Apple Pencil is my favorite way to level up your lash business! With the number of ways these things can be impactful for your lash business being endless, they truly deserve a blog post of their own. But my main reason for including them on this list of must haves, is because of their ability to help you prep and design for a client’s set! If you ask for your client to send you a mug shot style photo of their face at the time of booking, you can use it to draw different looks and maps out on their face, to see what you think would look best for them and what you’ll want to recommend to them when you finally meet them in person at the time of their appointment. The best part is, with your new schedule and price point, you have the time to do this sort of thing and your time doing it is being well compensated for! I can’t imagine what screams ‘artistry’ more than a client being able to literally see your vision for them on their face and to also know how much time and attention you’ve put towards their service!

Oh, and when I mention making an investment in your business with products like these or the mixer machine, just remember that you WANT and NEED write offs for tax purposes! So don’t be afraid to spend money on your craft, especially with items that will help you earn more money!

Lastly, now that you’ve got yourself all dialed in and your delivery an incredible service, you need to make sure your products are on your level, too! You need an adhesive that can adapt to any temp or humidity level your space is in. Our lash environments fluctuate from day to day and maybe even throughout the day. You can’t risk having to spend time trying to make your adhesive work well for you or have to think about which formula you should be working with. If you get yourself an adhesive that’s extremely workable in any range of temperature or humidity, you’ll spend less time fussing with it and more time delivering super strong bonds and incredible retention. Which is exactly why I launched Clearly Luxe and Simply Black. They’ve been proven year after year to be game changers in as low as 16% humidity and 62 degrees in a room, as well as highs of 85% humidity and 78 degrees! Once you experience a glue that really performs for you, you’ll realize what an impact it has on your artistry! 

To watch how you can be a master of your craft AND your tools, check out THIS YouTube video on the secrets to perfect retention!

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