Lash Extension Menu Pricing!

If you're not sure how to structure your menu, if you're wondering what to charge, or maybe you're having issues with your current menu, let me tell you, I've been there! Your lash extension menu pricing is so important to have done right. I'm going to be giving you my best tips and tricks when it comes to your menu, because I've learned the hard way how NOT to run your business. These suggestions truly changed my artistry and my heart for lashing again. The way I was doing things before these changes had me resenting my craft, my clients and my books, so I knew I HAD to make some adjustments...

I'd love to help you start working smarter, (not harder) making more money and loving your services, too! 

My first mistake: I created my pricing to reflect my area and to be similar to what my "competition" was offering. Ugh, my heart hurts even thinking about that... I was so wrong!! Number one, I was definitely offering a better client experience and result than I knew they were, but I also should have been factoring in my level of education, my unique practices and my product costs. Why should I be working for as little as they were willing to?! My best tip? When trying to figure out what to charge for your lash extension menu pricing, do not, I repeat DO NOT price yourself according to who you think is your competition!!

Let me break this down for you so you get a clear idea of how things were going for me... I was doing my Classic fills for $60, which took me one hour and were a breeze to perform, then I was charging $80 for my Mixed and Volume fills, which took me about two hours and were much more challenging, because I had just learned Volume.

Okay, so let's think about it this way... let's just say for simple math, I was at work for 4 hours, and only had two Mixed fills... I made $160 that day. Okay, now let's imagine that the next day I worked another 4 hours, but this time I had four Classic fills on the books... that's $240!! That did not make sense. My business was running me as opposed to me running my business! Not good, my friends!

So anyways, as you can imagine, I ended up having this love/hate relationship with Classic lashing! I wanted to do it because it was "easier" and actually made me more money, but what I really wanted to be doing was Volume, so I could build my skillset and create more dynamic sets. But then when someone did book a Mixed or Volume appointment, I ended up kind of annoyed, because I was doing it for such a low price. I was all kinds of messed up, guys!

I realized I should be charging for my time, so that no matter what I was doing with my __ amount of hours at work, I was making what I knew I was worth and could always expect a set amount of income no matter what my clients decided to book. Luckily, I was preparing for a move to a new state right before I was completely at my wit's end, so it was the perfect time to restructure and start 'a new'! I can feel the sweet relief all over again, just thinking about it!

MAJOR KEY ALERT! What I didn't do, and what I don't recommend, is charging blatantly by your time. I've seen menus that basically let the customers choose a time frame or the menu is just very clearly dictated by an hourly rate, and I don't think that's wise. I don't recommend this, because I feel like people are usually inclined to opt for whatever is cheaper. Even if it's not the service that they should be choosing. Like a "30 minute fill", when they really need an hour or two. So I knew I didn't want my pricing to come off so clearly by the hourly rate I came up with. Instead, I came up with a figure that I felt an hour of my time (and my knowledge and my talent and my cost of doing business) was worth and went at it like that. For me at that time, it was $75/hour. My new structure and lash extension menu pricing looked something like this...

Classic Fill $75

Mixed Fill $150

Volume Fill $150

That formula applied to every service I offered and gave me so many blessings with the change I made!

I was finally earning what I was worth as a lash artist, my clients were booking what they truly needed vs. playing math games with my menu, I was attracting my ideal clients and I was really happy performing my services!

I hope this is helpful for you and if you aren't earning what you desire, please reconsider your pricing. If you aren't feeling worthy quite yet of a higher price tag, definitely keep investing in your skillset, practice often and take classes from successful artists you admire! 

Be confident, you got this, and you CAN create the lash business of your dreams!

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