Lash Business Branding 101

Is your branding cohesive throughout your business? Are you advertising exactly who you are consistently and putting off the same impression throughout your entire business? That’s lash business branding 101 my friends!

Think about a company like Target for example. When you see things from Target as advertising, it always looks the same. Fonts, colors, vibes, etc. You never see them using a cursive type font or purple instead of red. When you walk into literally any Target store, anywhere, it feels, smells and looks like you're in target. Everything is cohesive and doesn't make you question where you are or what you're seeing. You know right away, it's Target. And they know exactly who their target customers are and how to 'speak' to them. They've reeled us in strategically, ladies! lol But seriously, you always have a fully branded experience with Target.

Do you want a strongly branded experience for your clients? Do you want to attract your ideal client? Do you want to market yourself with the look of a professional, successful lash business? Then you gotta get your branding on point and cohesive throughout the entire customer journey!

Okay, let me break it down for you...   You need to get really clear on who you are as a service provider. What your business is about, what you want your clients to feel like in your presence and when watching you on social platforms, what you want them to say about you to others as word of mouth, what makes you different from someone else they could book with and so on. 

Then, think about what you’re putting out there. What’s your tone like in your captions and in your website copy? What’s your content looking like and what emotions do your posts provoke? Is everything styled in an aesthetically pleasing way and ‘on brand’? Are the colors and filters you’re using cohesive and consistent? What’s the aesthetic of your space, how do people feel in there and what impression are you leaving them with when they leave? What’re your clients saying to their friends about you and the experience they had with you?

If you get really clear on who your ideal client is and what your dream lash business is like, then you can hone in on what posts, what brand voice, what decor and what interactions you have with your clients will create that kind of business and attract that certain type of client.

Here’s in a nutshell what I recommend for getting your branding on point:

Pinterest! Build boards for the fonts you want to use, the colors and the vibes!

Use one or two filters that you use consistently, to make your feed look consistent.

Hire a brand stylist who can help you get clear about your direction and curate your branding for you!

Need more guidance on how to make your branding fluid throughout your lash business? Check out one of our most popular YouTube videos, “How To Create An Experience With Your Branding!” Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE! 📽🙌🏼 

One of the most important things you can do for your business as a lash artist, is to make sure your branding and your marketing is just as strong and obvious as your skillset! Have fun with it and make sure to tag us in your posts so we can see how you’re marketing yourself and your lash business! #jbranded

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