Lash Adhesive for Beginner Lash Artists

I get asked all the time, is there a great lash adhesive for beginner lash artists? The thing is, beginners tend to feel like they need a “beginner glue” because that's what our industry has always recommended. "Beginner glues” are advertised as having a slower dry time. "Beginner glues” are advertised as having a slower dry time. Which is great when you’re first learning to lash, because you’re moving slower and need a little more grace from your glue while you sort of struggle through isolation and placement of the lash. After all, you don’t want it curing before you even make contact with the NL. But what often happens is, after you’ve been practicing for a while, suddenly that slow dry time begins slowing YOU down! Then there’s all this talk about your temp and humidity levels and which glue is best for what, and it becomes seriously complicated and seriously overwhelming

If you’re new to lashing and you’re trying to build your speed, but your glue is actually keeping you at the same pace, and maybe you’re not sure which adhesive is right for you and your space as your skill level and environment are always changing, let’s get into adhesive for beginner’s and everything there is to know! These are the real deal facts, not just information put out there to make you think you need to purchase additional products. Lash artist to lash artist, here’s the 411...⠀⠀

Okay, so the goal is… great lashes, proper placements and a tolerable appointment time frame. Which is hard when you’re just learning to lash and you’re working somewhat slowly. So what I actually recommend in order to allow for a slower cure time when you need it AND a more quick cure time when you start to get faster, is to know how to work with your glue, versus always trying to find THE ONE that will be perfect for where you’re currently at and what your space is like, etc. ⠀

Quick recap on adhesives and how they work… our main ingredient in any adhesive is Cyanoacrylate. It cures (hardens, or what we think of as “dries”) in the presence of hydrogen. Which, in even the lowest humidity level, is in the air. So, as we dispense a drop and it sits, or as it’s picked up and on the base of our extension, it’s beginning to cure.

That being said, If you’re slower, grab up more glue to bring down the time it takes for the entire bead to cure. Of course, be mindful not to grab TOO MUCH and cause stickies, but just enough to where it isn’t curing before it’s even attached. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

If you feel like you’re getting faster, pick up less, which will accelerate the cure time and allow you to move on to the next isolation and lash placement more quickly! Granted, adhesive is the glue that holds our lashes in place, so you want enough for a strong bond, but not too much to start slowing your cure time and YOU down!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Please don’t fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed by adhesives and their specifications. Becoming a master of your craft also requires becoming a master of your tools. 

At J Brand Beauty, our two adhesives perform in any environment, for any experience level, with the right use of application. We keep it simple, because that’s how it should be. 

I hope this info leaves you feeling empowered! For more information on Clearly Luxe or Simply Black, check them out at

-Jess Brandler

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