How to use Instagram to Grow your Lash Business!

So you’ve got everything going for you… you’ve got skills, a nice space, and an awesome menu, but… are all those things clear to someone who comes across your IG? Are you making these things stand out about you with the things you’re posting? Don't underestimate how powerful social media is for business! Here's some tips of how to use Instagram to grow your lash business!

Your Insta is your marketing platform and it should reflect everything you have to offer, in a way that makes your ideal client want to hit that ‘follow’ button and ultimately decide to book with you!

Here are some post ideas that we think will help you gain more followers and grow your clientele:


Post YOU!

I know, we don’t all love to be in front of the camera, but here’s why we think it’s important… potential clients are much more likely to want to meet you in person (book a service with you) if they feel like they already know you and more importantly, if they like you! The services we provide as lash artists are pretty intimate, because we’re in direct contact with our clients. We believe it helps someone hit that ‘call to action’ button if they already feel comfortable with the service provider before they’ve ever even met them in person. So, introduce yourself and let your audience get to know you and know why they should make an appointment with you! 

howtouseinstagramtogrowyourlashbusiness2Post your space!

This one is a fave of ours for a couple reasons. One, if your entire branding experience is thorough across your entire business, then your space is also ‘on brand’ and will fit into your feed beautifully! This just gives your IG even more style, as well as more content for you to work with when designing your grid. Secondly, we love the idea of posting your lash space because again, our services are intimate and we feel that potential clients are much more likely to book an appointment when they can clearly envision themselves in your studio. They can feel confident about how comfortable and safe they’ll be, because they can see exactly what it’s like to be there. A bonus is if it’s super cute, especially if there’s an instagrammable moment to be had in there, then they’ll really wanna make sure they get there and experience it for themselves. So show it off, post your lash space!

howtouseinstagramtogrowyourlashbusiness3 Post your results!

You definitely want to be showcasing your best work! Your IG is your marketing platform, but you should also be thinking of it as your portfolio! A catalog of your skillset and your results. Take the time after each service you provide, to get some great photos. People want to see what they’ll get if they decide to book with you. Another great idea is to get some reviews from your clients that you can add to captions or include on your grid as graphics. We want our target audience to feel the “that could be me” vibes! 


Post your services!

You’re posting your results, but you should also be posting the things you have to offer in a way that’s visually understood and reiterated. What we mean is, if your grid is full of lash sets, of course your audience knows that you do lash extensions, but… do they know the different types you offer? The descriptions? Your full menu offerings? Marketing is all about reminding your audience that you’re there and getting your offerings back in the forefront of their mind. You want your potential customers to think things like:

 “Oh, I didn’t know she also does that!” *peaks interest*

“That type of lash set might actually be perfect for me and what I’m looking for!”

“I should try those, I didn’t realize how little maintenance they require!”


 Bottom line is, you want to remind them that you’re there and the wide array of things you offer! Show off your menu!

Post your products!

Another fun way to diversify your IG profile is to post your products. Not only does it make your page more visually interesting, but it’s also a great way to show off the awesome products you use and why they’re so beneficial to your customers and their results! You’re sending the message again, that you’re an artist who really invests in her craft and knows what she’s talking about and cares about her results! Post what you use, just make sure it’s ‘on brand’ and filtered to fit your aesthetic.


Post your logo and imagery!

Again, marketing is all about getting back at the forefront of your customer’s mind. Posting your logo and brand imagery regularly is a great way to have them thinking of you, when it comes time for them to choose a service provider. Also, when a friend asks them, “do you know of anyone that does awesome lash extensions?”, they’ll probably remember your logo that popped up on their feed recently! Post your logo and make a lasting impression that you’re their go to for all their lash needs!   

We hope you’re feeling inspired and excited to have more fun with your Insta! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts so we can see how you’re diversifying your page! We also love showcasing artists and their skill sets, so tag @jbrandbeauty for a chance to be featured on our IG!

Happy lashing and Happy Instagramming!


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