How to Tell the Difference Between our Classic and Volume Tweezers!

Ever notice how there’s not really a noticeable difference between our “Classic” Tweezers and our “Volume” Tweezers? Well, that’s because to the naked eye, there isn’t! While they are the exact same style of tool, there’s actually a HUGE difference between them. Let me explain...

Our signature move is to rigorously hand test every Volume Tweezer we sell so that we can guarantee it to be an incredible tool for the artists who rely on it to be perfect and without faults!

As you know, even the SLIGHTEST gap in between a tweezer’s feet will cause those super fine Volume lashes to slip through them when you go to pick up your fan. Which is frustrating, but also such a hindrance to your speed as a lash artist! Time is money, so when your tools are hindering you and slowing you down, you’re less effective in your business. 

We don’t want you to purchase a tool that requires you to find a ‘sweet spot’. To us, that’s just selling you something that’s faulty. That being said, it’s actually SUPER hard for suppliers to get them absolutely perfect because of their design. With volume lashing, we need the entire foot of the tweezer to close tightly, but because the pressure comes from the joint and the handle, which are at the top and to one side of the foot, the tips of the tweezer are least affected by the pressure. The back of the boot, the part that’s just under the handle, gets the most pressure when we’re pressing the tweezer closed, then less pressure makes its way towards the middle and then even less is applied at the tips. So given that fact, it’s important that the inside of the feet are seamless and that the tension is on point, in order to make sure they close as tightly and flush as possible!

Which is why we put them to the test. We hand test every single one, from every point within the boot, so that no matter where you prefer to work from, we can guarantee it to be a seamless and tight closure!

But like I said, a PERFECT tool is hard to come by, so while we do have a killer supplier, not all of them pass our testing process! And a lot of times it’s just because there’s a tiny little gap somewhere within the boot, or maybe the tips just aren’t as sharp as we like them to be for getting our fans symmetrical. No matter the reasoning, these tools that don’t pass our Volume test are still pretty damn good tweezers. Which is why we still sell them, but they just become ‘Classics’! 

Now you don’t NEED a separate tool for your Classic lashing. Some people just prefer to cherish their Volume tweezers when they find a “perfect” one and have a separate one they only use for those thicker diameter Classic extensions. 

If you don’t mind finding a ‘sweet spot’, you may have already realized that you could save some money and just purchase one of our ‘Classics’, if you don’t wanna pay full price for a Luxury Volume Tweezer. When I personally test the tools, I always think to myself how good of a deal the Classic ones are if you’re willing to put up with a slight imperfection. Just an insider tip if you haven’t already been thinking of this! 

So while our Classic and Volume Tweezers LOOK the same, that’s the big difference! One is guaranteed to be a game changer for Volume, and one is still beautiful and high quality, just not AS flawless! 

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