How to Significantly Impact Your Lash Shaping!

I feel like the words “inner corners” have such a negative feeling connected to them! Like when you hear those words, it just makes you feel a little uncomfortable or something. Maybe it’s just because we’ve all been a beginner artist at some point and have had our fair share of struggles with them! Not to mention some can just be soooo challenging to do. I totally get it!

The thing is, the better you slay those inner corners, the better your overall result is going to be. The reason is, in order to have a full and complete shape, you need every aspect of it. Not just a middle portion and the outer edges. And, the more dynamic your shape is, the more your set will look really well styled. What I mean is, you can have a beginning, middle and outer portion to your lash set, but if your lengths are only 9-12, then it’s going to look more even in length across the eye than it will actually look “shaped” and “styled”. 

A good rule of thumb is to always use at least 5 lengths within your set in order to ensure you have a significant enough difference in length from your inner corner to your longest area of length. 

Speaking of which, the shorter you can go on the inner corner, the better the shaping will look! I’m not talking going down to 9 or even 8mm, friend. I’m talking about going down to at least 7, but even 6 preferably. I know, that sounds super scary if you’re someone who still hates lashing the inner corner. But trust me, it’s soooo worth it when you see the difference it makes once their eyes open for the first time!

Here’s an example. This particular lash model came to me with 9mm inner corners that also needed a fill, so I’m using her as a good example of what a “not short enough on the inner corner” and “lacking inner corner area” type of set looks like. In the after photo, I went down to 7mm and applied lashes in closer towards her nose. As you can see, the styling looks much more complete and appealing overall. 

 Another great thing to do is to choose a starting point for the inner corner and only lash from that point on, towards the outer portion. Natural lashes tend to be more sparse on the inner corner, so if you’re placing extensions on every one, but they’re more spaced out, no matter how beautiful your set is, the eye will be drawn towards those more “scraggly” looking individual lashes you notice on that inner corner. So while the goal should be to go as close towards the nose as possible, it’s more beneficial to choose a lash that all of the lashes on the other side of it (towards the ear) are more full and only lash from that point and on. Versus lashing all of them but ending up with sparse looking individual corners and noticeably “individual” lashes. 

Here’s photos to help visualize what I mean:

My last tip regarding inner corner work, (besides all the helpful tactics and techniques you can use to actually do them, stay tuned for content on that!) is to do them first if they’re something you dread or find yourself avoiding and not having enough time for once your service is almost over. I recommend you get it done, get them out of the way and you’ll be SO thankful when you see what a huge impact they’ve made on your result!

Please let me know if any of this is helpful to you or if you have any other recommendations you’d like to share with me and other readers! Thanks for being here!

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