How to Prepare your Lash Business for the Rush of the Holidays

Whether you KNOW you’re about to be super busy this holiday season or you WANT to be, these tips will help you prepare for the holiday rush, as well as optimize your business for increased revenue and productivity during the month of December and into the New Year!

The first and most crucial step is your scheduling. You want to go in and adjust your books in a way that is realistic for you and that sets yourself up for success. Don’t overbook yourself if it’s going to leave you run down, resentful of your services and not enjoying your own holiday season. So take the days off you know you’ll want off, make sure you’ll be clocking in and out at a time that you’ll be happy with, schedule the appropriate breaks you’ll need for stretching and refueling, and mark those days off that you know you’ll wanna use for shopping, relaxing and spending with loved ones!

Ask yourself, what do I want my holiday season to be like? What do I want to feel like? What do I want to do and experience? How much money do I want to make? Then, create the schedule that will support and enable that for you.

Now that your books are designed the way you want them, you need to make sure you’re acting on pre booking. When you’re wrapping up your appointments leading up to those crazy busy weeks that come around the holidays, stress the importance of pre booking to your clients and make sure you get them squared away right then and there with their next appointment. Let them know your schedule will be adjusted to accommodate your own plans as well, so they’ll want to make sure they can definitely get in to see you before the holidays, so that they’re ready for the festivities! Another good practice to ensure you’re getting your clients on the books, but also marketing to anyone who hasn’t booked in a while, is to send out an email, a text and/or a social media post, saying that your books are filling fast and that if you’re wanting your lashes fresh for the holidays, to book NOW! You could even post some available time slots you have and hype up your limited availability. Urgency creates action, so make sure your ‘call to action’ buttons, links and/or directions for booking are clear, easy to understand and ready for them to do easily!

K, now you’ve got those breaks scheduled in and you’ve got the clients all booked up… let’s make sure you have the fuel you’re going to need in order to be productive and able to spread that holiday cheer! Gotta take care of yourself and remember to eat! Your clients don’t need you feeling hangry! My advice would be to meal prep! Go into your days prepared to maximize your breaks and to fuel yourself with things that will keep your energy up and your mind sharp. I know that whenever I took a lunch break as a lash artist and ate a larger meal, it was hard for me to want to get back at it. I always ended up wishing I could be the one laying on the lash bed, taking that nap lol So bring some healthy snacks that are ready to grab and eat, as well as a smaller meal that’s also ready to go for you when you clock out for lunch! Keep your water bottle refilled and always utilize those short little breaks you’ve scheduled in between clients to use the restroom. Yes, actually go, don’t just hold it in. lol

Preparing for your holiday schedule, make sure you're well stocked on your products, as well as your retail goods. This is THE BEST time of the year to be promoting your retail offerings, since everyone is looking for great gifts to give out! You’ll wanna make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to accommodate your books, but don’t neglect the supplies that they may be interested in purchasing from you as well.

Think of special things you can add to your retail shelves that would make great gifts for your clients to give out! Maybe that’s little accessories you can buy in bulk, shopping wholesale from a local crafter or jewelry maker, etc! Make sure your retail space is clean, inviting, well lit and nicely displayed. Talk to your clients about the things you’re loving and let them hold the goods, too!

GIFT CARDS are a great way to drive revenue in your business and there’s no better time of year to have them available to your customers! This way, your clients will have the opportunity to give your services to their loved ones as a Christmas gift! This will also generate some future business for you for the upcoming (typically slower months) as well as hopefully lead to some new clients who become returning clients! 

As always, mention these things to your customers! Don’t just wait for your clients to boost your revenue, it’s up to you to drive your sales! And the good news is, you’ll only be sharing things that they’ll love to hear about, so don’t over think it or worry about coming off ‘salesy’! Think of it as simply ‘sharing with them!’

As I mentioned, the first few months of the new year can typically be slower. A great way to incentivize your clients to maintain their services into the new year, is to give your clients promo cards or send out an email or text, as well as a social media post, that mentions rewarding your December bookings with January savings! Maybe it’s a ‘book a lash service now through ___ date and get your next fill for ___ off’ or ‘book during ____ December and get ____ amount or percent off your next appointment in January!’ You wanna do something that makes it clear that the reward needs to be redeemed in January, in order to boost revenue for that month and get your clients on the books. 

This is a tip that I would ALWAYS recommend, but especially for busier times… Prepare your social media content out ahead of time. That way you can spend your days lashing and then checking out from your business when you’re clocking out for the day. You wanna be active on your social media even while you’re actually super busy working in your business, without having to make last minute posts and captions. That would be stressful and only add more busy-ness to your days! So come up with your grid, your talking points or promotions, and have them ready to go! You’ll be SO glad you did and by doing this, you’ll also ensure you’re staying on the forefront of your viewer’s minds while you don’t have the time to actually be dedicating yourself to social media. This is so important for increasing your chance of converting those who are seeing you frequently on social media, into booking, paying clients!

I would also recommend you make your space a beautiful holiday getaway for your clients who would probably enjoy a more festive atmosphere at this special time of year! Maybe that’s with decor, cute little client appreciation gifts displayed, little festive snacks or candies out, or even just a seasonal scent in the air. This time of the year is so fun, don’t forget to get in on that!

I hope this is helpful to you! Always remember how much you and your work means to your clients... Whether that’s the much needed rest they get in your space, the meaningful or fun conversation they have with you, or even just the way you make them feel about themselves. You’re making a difference in their life! Enjoy this busy time... make the most of it and have the happiest holidays!

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