How to Lower the Adhesive Fumes For You and Your Clients!

The ideal situation for lash artists and our clients is that our adhesives are super strong, our bonds are long lasting and with incredible retention! Did you know that you can have all of those things without having to suffer through and expose your clients to all those strong adhesive fumes?! 

With the right practices and an incredible adhesive formula, you’ll be able to lower the fumes in your space! It’ll be a huge benefit to your health and your client’s eyes when they finally open!

Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Start with a low fume adhesive, like our Clearly Luxe and Simply Black. They’re formulated specifically for that low fume output!
  • Our adhesive cures with hydrogen, so each time you dispense a new drop, squeeze out a bead of water over the glue drop you were previously using as a way to “detonate” it! This will immediately shock cure it and therefore prevent it from continuing to emit fumes near you and your client’s faces. The last thing you want is a bunch of glue drops emitting fumes right next to you both.
  • Keep a small amount of water, like in a bottle cap, nearby your work space as a means of drawing the fumes from the air. Also great if your humidity is lower! Not recommended if your space is already in a higher humidity range.
  • Nanomist throughout the appointment around your client’s face and your work space, to eliminate the fumes in the air!

We need our adhesives to be strong, so these tips will help you to keep your space fresh without having all those nasty fumes hanging around while your adhesive does it’s thing! 

Let me know if you have any other tips or if these have

helped you like they did for me!

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