How to Create Instagram Worthy Lashes!

As a lash artist, your Instagram page should be a showcase of your very best work. A gallery of your skillset and your capabilities. A way to really advertise how great of an artist you are! We know that one of the best ways to show off your talent is by posting only your best volume lashes. Here's how to create instagram worthy lashes to post...

A lot of times, the lashes we see and obsess over on Insta are of "models" the artist has lashed, in order to produce their very best work. Think of it in terms of fashion... your IG should be your runway looks, not your 'ready to wear' line, which would be your everyday clients. 

Only problem with that is, when you're posting only your very best work, and maybe that's mostly of models, then your clients are wanting results like the ones they're seeing... ones that you're unable to produce in a typical appointment time frame. We don't want false advertising, we want our IG to look like our magazine and also for our client's expectations to be managed well. We can have both!!

When I was a fully booked, working lash artist, I figured out how I could keep pushing my skillset within my working hours, practicing my best efforts and also delivering the looks my client's were desiring...

I created new menu options! Instagram Worthy Full Sets and Instagram Worthy Fills! I was already charging a set rate per hour, so that no matter what I did that day, I was earning what I felt I was worth, (link at the bottom if you wanna learn more about that) but this new addition really took my Artistry to new heights! I'm proud to say that both of these photos are of my actual clients, not models! I was able to give them these results with the appointments they gladly booked. Here's what I did...

In my booking platform, I made sure the description of these services stated exactly what it was, what it required and how much it would cost. It went something like this...

"This full set is for those super full volume lashes that you've seen on my Instagram! If you're looking for 100% coverage of your lash line and want a beautifully bold set, this service is for you! Achieving the looks you've seen on my IG requires a longer time frame, which is why this service is __ hours long. Your result will be worth every minute!"

Then of course the cost was clearly stated and also, in my confirmation emails for any lash service they chose, I was letting them know that they should come prepared to sleep or relax through their appointment. Having headphones would help them enjoy the down time and help me to create my best work. That way they would be ready to give me the time an IG/model set of lashes took. Remember, you always want to use positive wording, get them hyped for their appointment and be very clear on what they can expect from you and what you expect of them.

By having such an informative, detailed product description, I was able to really manage the client expectation well and be sure that anyone who booked it, was truly someone who wanted that look and appreciated what it took to get it. In addition to that, I knew I wanted to feel valued for my time and my skills, so it was important that I was only attracting the right type of client for this appointment.

I honestly wasn't sure if anyone would book this service, but I knew I had to make the change. I couldn't keep trying to create a look that just wasn't doable in a shorter time frame and I for sure didn't want client's leaving bummed out that they didn't get the look they were hoping for. But guess what, people booked it! And the ones who did were my ideal customers for that service... they totally appreciated and valued me as an artist and they left with the best volume lashes I could give them! They were never the type to want it cheaper or faster. Adding this service option was such a win-win for us both!

If you decide to add this to your lash menu, make sure to let me know what you and your clients are thinking of it! Can't wait to see those amazing volume lashes on IG, too!

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