How to Care for your Lash Glue Bottle!

If you're a lash artist and you're wondering how to care for your lash glue bottle, then you're probably just like every other artist and you've experienced clogged nozzles and maybe even a cap that's totally stuck on there! Pretty much the most annoying and frustrating thing we can experience as lash artists! 

Here's how you can keep your bottle clean and ensure that it's always functioning properly for you and your busy schedule!


Okay, so we know that our nozzles become clogged when adhesive is where it doesn't belong... in the nozzle! We do experience glue being in the tip when we dispense our drops, that's inevitable, but that's really the only time it should there! Yes, shaking our adhesive (which is absolutely necessary and happens often) will bring the glue in contact with the nozzle as well, but we can actually avoid that too! Using an adhesive mixer machine has a ton of benefits, but in this case, it allows you to properly mix your formula without having to turn your bottle upside down! AMAZING! So, if you haven't looked into getting one, you for sure should! It'll significantly bring down the chance that you'll experience clogging.

After dispensing our drops, we need to be screwing the cap back on tightly. You never want to leave your lash glue bottle open and exposed to the room's conditions, because it will affect the quality of your adhesive. We don't want your bottle curing from the inside! So, in regards to preventing clogging and stuck caps, you HAVE TO make sure that your nozzle is clean before putting on the cap. Let's break down what that process should look like after every drop...

  1. Once you bring your bottle back upright, gently squeeze the sides to "burp" it and ensure you've gotten any air out of the bottle. Otherwise it may help the glue ride up into the nozzle.
  2. Swipe your nozzle clean to remove any excess product! Crucial!! If you're like me, you've used sponges and other subpar materials to wipe your nozzle and you end up with a mess! This is where our new Adhesive Wipes come into play and they. are. a. game. changer. For real. I can't believe I struggled for so long without them. They're the perfect material for getting the nozzle squeaky clean without breaking apart or causing a chemical reaction!
  3. Screw the cap back on and make sure your bottle is left upright, in a cooler, darker space. Our adhesive containers are the perfect storage option and even come with a hole in the center to hold your brushes next to you while you work!

That's the simple and perfect practice for a clean and functioning lash glue bottle! Now, let's talk about what happens in the event of a disaster situation!

We've all had days where our bottle is just a mess. Maybe your nozzle is clogged or your cap is stuck. I've heard soaking the parts in acetone will break down the build up, or how you can even grab an old glue bottle's parts, but we can do better than that! No one has time where they're in a bind to clean them or rummage through old inventory to find a good cap you can salvage. That's why we've created an Adhesive Emergency Kit! This little life saving bag comes with 2 replacement nozzles, 2 pins for poking through build up, and 2 replacement caps! We hope that with the tips we've given, you won't find yourself in such a situation, but if you do, we want you and your lash glue bottle to be covered!


Hope you've found this helpful, we wish you happy and frustration free lashing! 

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