How to build your clientele as a lash tech!

If you're wondering how to build your clientele as a lash tech, don't worry... every lash artist has been in your position and I certainly have! As a lash artist, I moved a lot and with every move, had to start completely over with my clientele. I've created and recreated a 6 figure lash business and I'm letting you in on my very best tool for helping me do it! Let's get into it, so you can create the lash biz of your dreams, too!

First you need to come up with your client avatar and get really clear and really specific on this.
Here's some things to think about:
What does she do for fun?
What places does she frequent?
What other services does she like to have done?
Who does she follow? Is there a local influencer she's into?
Your answers may look like this:
She has a membership to a nearby pilates studio.
She follows this well known local girl who loves to share the things she's into and shows her face consistently on her platform.
She takes her kids to the indoor play center in your town.
She gets her hair done at a salon near you.

Now based on that information, who are the people that see or interact with your ideal client frequently?

For Example:
An instructor at the pilates studio, the owner or the receptionist.
The IG influencer who will surely talk about them or at least just be flaunting her new set in front of a bigger audience.
The receptionist at the kid's center.
The hairstylists at the salon she goes to.

Now that you have the list of people, offer them a free full set in exchange for pictures, or as a trade if it applies and you're interested in one. The point behind this is that your dream clients are likely to ask them where they got their lashes done! We all know that the best way to build your clientele as a lash tech is from word of mouth, but that takes time. This technique utilizes the word of mouth approach, but at a much faster, more deliberate pace! 

While it's not the entire point of this technique, it's a bonus that you'll be able to get more photos for your portfolio (which is great if you've just relocated and you haven't lashed in a bit, or if you're just building your first lash clientele and don't get to lash very often) and that you'll probably create a returning client out of this offering. Much like a discount or running a promo on your services, but without attracting clients who are just solely looking for an inexpensive set of lashes. 

A few more ideas about how to get more out of this approach, than just having your ideal clients see your work on a face they see often, is to:
Give these people your business cards to pass out!
Let them know how much you'd love if they'd share your info with anyone who asks about their lashes! They might not realize how important this is to you!
Make sure they leave an appointment with you knowing just how skilled and knowledgeable you are, as well as how mindful you are of your craft and of your clients. Everyone wants to share when they've found THE 'go to' girl for any service! So leave a great impression and get 'em hyped on you!
Create a referral program you can offer them to use!

Ask them to tag you in their selfies and mention you in their captions or stories! Again, something they might not think to do, but it would be really beneficial for you!

Now, I know how daunting being in this position can be, but I want to encourage you to really embrace it and let it fuel you and excite you. It’s an opportunity to create something new that you love and also to challenge yourself to make it happen! You’re going to meet so many great new people and I bet there’s even more that will come from it, than just gaining new clients! This technique works, trust me. Just get going, expect some unresponded to messages or unopened DMs and take action wherever you see opportunities! 

Your dream clientele is waiting for you, go get their attention!! xo

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