How to Achieve Flawless Volume Lash Sets!

If you’re a beginner lash artist or new to Volume lashing, you may have heard the terms, “ideal fans” or “perfect fans”. If you’re wondering what that means or maybe you know what it means, but you’re not sure why it’s important, I’m going to be breaking down all the details of how to achieve flawless volume lash sets, using the principles behind ideal fan characteristics!

Okay, so here are the basic components of what makes up an “ideal fan”:

Symmetry - meaning the space between each extension within the fan, that’s perfectly even. It’s what makes your sets look flawless and fluffy, versus your eye being drawn to any stray looking extensions within it.

We want seamless, full looking sets. So when you’re placing only fans that have perfect symmetry, you can achieve it. Otherwise, placing unsymmetrical fans would cause windows of space and gaps within the lash set. 

Slim Bases - a pointy, bundled base. This provides a seamless bond to the natural lash, which gives greater retention and comfort for the client, compared to a boxey base. 

Deep V’s - which is the space between the extensions running deep down into the base of the fan. Which provides a shorter base. The opposite would be a long, stem-like base, which would not create fluffy and dense looking lash lines. Think of lash lines that are dark and full, versus Classic looking bases on fans, with only the fluffiness near the tips. We want eyeliner-like lash lines, super dark and full, not the look of individual lashes. 

Uniform Direction - all lashes in the fan aiming the same direction. Not waterfalling out or criss crossing. This will give you fluffy and seamless lashes, and again, not draw the eye towards any specific haywire looking extensions within the set.

Consistency - meaning all the fans you apply are the same and they all meet these perfect fan characteristics. You get this by not jumping around with different dimensions or diameters. This will also provide flawless looking sets.

As you can see, each component is something that majorly contributes to the overall result of the set. If you’re able to create each fan you place with as close to perfect characteristics as possible, the finished product will be something you and your client are so much happier with!

Basically, your volume lash sets are only as good as the individual fans that you place within them. So, really try to aim for perfection with every one, because it definitely pays off and will either contribute to a beautiful set, or be the fan that's throwing it all off!

Now go slay those sets, girl!

Not sure how to achieve the kind of skill set that’s required in order to make “ideal fans” on command? Check out this blog post:

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