Why YOU Should Run a Black Friday Sale for your Lash Business!

Black Friday is this week, but it’s not too late to offer something special for your clients if you haven’t already created an offering! Nowadays, “Black Friday” is whatever day or whatever length of time you choose to run your sale for. I guess it’s more of a verb than a noun, which is great if you’ve decided to promote a deal at the last minute! And if that’s something you’re interested in, I wanna explain how running a black friday sale will actually lead to more future revenue for your lash business…

If you’re like I was as a lash artist, you’re not a fan of discounting your services. To me, it mostly meant discounting my time and my worth. I knew my value, knew the investment I had made into my education, my skill set and my supplies, so offering them for a lower price just wasn’t something I was often willing to do. I also knew the type of clientele I wanted to attract, and figured that discounts would only really attract customers that were always looking for a deal, rather than someone who was willing and happy to pay for the quality service and results that I provided. And while I still do feel that way, I've learned that there’s definitely a time and a place for running specials and promoting your business through discounted offerings!

The benefit of having a sale on your lash services is that it just may be the reason why someone who’s been considering booking with you, actually decides to do it! You might have some very “warm leads” you’ve been nurturing through your social media posts or other means of marketing, so this little ‘give’ just might be the extra motivation they need in order to convert into a paying customer! You’ll end up making more money by creating something that will get you more clients on the books. And while I do believe that discounts can attract a certain type of customer who you may not find to be ideal, some people just like to feel like they got a deal on something! It’s also just exciting to take advantage of specials… I’m a consumer too, I know the feeling! And even if they are the type of client who will only want to book if they’re getting a discounted price, and let’s say they book with you, but never decide to pay full price and rebook, their appointment and experience with you will still have a ripple effect! Because if they loved their result and loved their time with you, they’re going to be great ‘word of mouth’ advertising and not to mention, a walking advertisement because they have your beautiful work on their face!

Everyone always asks the girl with great lashes where she got them done… and every girl with great lashes LOVES to share that she found the best lash girl!  

Now the biggest reason why I love the idea of running a special for “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”, is because it allows you to have all the benefits of discounting your services, but for a specific reason and one that’s very commonly used by businesses! Most people in business are running SOME kind of deal during this time of year, so it’s almost to be expected, versus doing it another time and looking like you’re discounting your services for a maybe less than ideal reason. Meaning that with this specific reason you can get away with running a special and in return - make people happy by doing it, attract new clients who otherwise may never book, and therefore create more word of mouth, more opportunities for positive reviews, etc! Not to mention, people are more likely to book at this time of year than any other, with all of the upcoming holidays and festivities, so this may just be the extra motivation they may need and you’re more likely to convert them now than ever!

So, if by now you’ve decided you DO want to do something, but you’re not sure what, let me just say DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS! You were, weren’t you? One of my favorite things to live by is that DONE is better than PERFECT! So just jot down some ideas of things you would feel comfortable offering, maybe it’s a percentage off if you book during ‘these dates’, maybe it's a ‘book this service’ get ‘this’ with it, or X amount of dollars off, etc. Whatever you come up with, grab a template on Canva to plug your info into, edit it with your brand colors and pics, and post it! You should also text/email it to clients you haven’t seen in a while, add it to your website, maybe put a flyer up somewhere,  basically whatever you think will reach someone who will be interested! 

And if you’re not sure who your ideal client is or how to get their attention, then click here for a must read blog post!

So get in on the fun of giving a little extra during this special time of year! It will definitely pay off and be worth any amount of time or money that you’ll be temporarily discounting! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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