Hey Jess, I'm struggling to find lash models...

A fellow lash artist wrote in and had this to say:

Hey Jess,

I appreciate you for doing this. I'm a new esthetician. I'm trying to build my clientele and it's so hard. All my family and friends have their loyal lash person that they go to and I need more people to lash. I've tried offering lash models for 50 dollars but I don't want to keep doing that. I feel so defeated.

Hey Babe,

I totally understand how you’re feeling. I think we’ve all experienced that feeling of defeat for whatever reason, in the beginning of our lash journey. It can be so hard for many reasons, but I promise, it does get better and easier and it’s SO worth it!

Sounds like the people who you’re offering your service to, are people who are already lash clients. Which makes sense that they wouldn’t want to go to a beginner or stray from the more experienced artist they have been loyal to. And that’s okay!

The type of person you really want for practicing on is someone who is interested enough in getting their lashes done, but not necessarily someone who is in the market for them. The reason being is that as a beginner, you’re offering results that are not as great as someone who has more experience and who charges a reasonable price because of it. When you find someone who is excited just to get any lashes put on, but isn't necessarily interested in paying full price for them, they make for a great model! Their expectations aren’t as high and because they’re getting them for free or for a very low cost, they’re usually more patient and understanding with your process. Which is great for you, because it takes the pressure off while you give yourself enough time to just focus on doing your thing!

So that being said, I would recommend offering your services on Facebook and the FB Marketplace, maybe Craigslist if you feel like that’s safe within your area, and with word of mouth by spreading the word through text to your friends and family. You want to make sure you’re clear in your offer though, and that you vet the people who respond. You want to be clear to make sure they completely understand what they will receive, what they should expect from this experience, and what you are needing from it as well. And then you’ll want to vet them, to make sure this person is the right fit for you and that you feel comfortable with them. Doing so will also attract more interest, because you’re going to come off very professional and legit.

Here’s how you can do those two things:

Create a flier or PDF on Canva that you can post with your “listing” that states the following…

  • Briefly who you are, the training and/or any certifications you’ve received
  • What you are looking for and why (Looking for someone with XYZ (healthy, clean natural lashes w/o extensions, who is interested in receiving lash extensions. Someone who can lie still and/or fall asleep for X amount of time, who will allow you to take progress pictures, etc. Why: Looking to improve your skill set, increase your speed, practice a new technique, etc. the idea is to keep it positive and not like your struggling or terrible or desperate lol)
  • What they can expect (how long it will take, what your practice space is like, how they will need to care for the lashes or that you also provide fills/removals etc.)
  • Whether it’s free or if there’s a small deposit or price

I also really love to make sure that models understand that it being “free” or a low price is just  INTRODUCTORY, or something similar to that verbiage. You don’t want to cause yourself a difficult transition when it comes time to actually charge a reasonable price, once your skill and results are on par with charging more. Sometimes you end up using the same models over and over, and you just want to make sure you’re clear that this “deal” will not last forever. 

I would recommend coming up with a plan as far as your practicing and the launch of your business goes. Give yourself a schedule that you’ll aim to stick to. Maybe you’re going to take free models for a month or two or a set amount of appointments, then you’re going to switch to an introductory menu for X amount of time, then launch your official set of prices. That way it's clear to your clients and there are no surprises or awkward transitions and you’re also holding yourself accountable to the development of your skill!

I hope this helps! I also wanted to share this youtube video I filmed about how I structured my own menu, which may give you some ideas for your own!


Thanks for writing in, I’m here for you!


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