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Here's a conversation between me and another lash artist. She wrote in:

Hey Jess!! You're amazing. I so appreciate these texts you send. I'm obsessed with your product, and you!! I will be using that code tonight to order some lashes ♥️

Do you do any online training or have any tips for .05 or .06? I'd love to learn how to fan them. Luxuncut originally trained me with .07 and with the sticky dots, and i love what i can create with those. But i definitely have some clients that could benefit from a thinner lash.

Hey Babe,

Okay, so my best recommendation for working towards mastering any new technique or tool, is to practice with intention.

If you’re good at the sticky dot method, then stick with that. Don’t feel like you need to have alllll the techniques down and up your sleeve. Just stick with what works. That being said, if you want to improve on .05 and .06, then I would use the sticky dot method, but come up with something specific to work on with the finer diameters. Like 3D fans, or narrow fans, or whatever you want to be able to do more proficiently. Then, make those fans over and over, with the specific goal in mind and while paying close attention to your micro movements while you're working. This will help you to build the muscle memory to be able to do them on demand, but it’ll also help you to make note of what’s working and what isn’t, so you can make any adjustments to your technique/movements. It’s allllll about repetition, which is why we get better and faster the longer we’ve been lashing, but we also need to develop our skillset in our off time, so we can be more effective during our work time. So I would recommend dedicating some time to your goal, with specific intention in mind, so that you can build the skill and the speed with these specific fans you wanna create.

Other than that, the only real difference between working with the .07 and the finer diameters, is that you may need to just be a little more gentle, as they're obviously more fragile. What I love about practicing intentionally though, is that even though there's not a whole lot of difference in technique when going from a higher diameter to a lower diameter, being mindful of your movements will help you realize what, if anything, you do need to tweak in order to work better with the change in product.

And if you know how to crystallize, even better! Save the fans you make while practicing so that you can use them during your sets. This will be a great way to provide the look to clients who want it, while you're still struggling a bit with making them in the moment. Doing that always made practicing in my down time more enjoyable for me, just knowing I could actually utilize the fans! ☺️💪🏼

Hope this helps!

Love, Jess!

For more information on practicing with intention, check out this blog post:


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