Do You Know How Often You Should Get a New Glue Bottle?

Did you know that "4-5 weeks" is just a general guideline for your adhesive's shelf life? I’m sure that’s something you’ve heard recommended as a hard rule, but here’s the real deal on how long your glue is good for…

If your adhesive is being mixed properly and it forms a firm, round bead on micropore paper tape at the 5 or more week mark, by all means, you should use it! The shelf life mostly just depends on how often the bottle is open and exposed to the moisture in the air, which could start to cure the adhesive inside the bottle. So if you aren't using it very often, the shelf life could be much longer than the recommended 4-5 weeks! 

If you wanna get your viscosity on point, save yourself time in your service by tending to your bottle in a faster way, and really maximize your retention, check THIS out!

Before I launched Clearly Luxe, I was testing and using it in my 16% humidity level studio and used the same bottle for about 7 weeks!! At that time, I was working more on J Brand Beauty becoming a supply brand than I was tending to a full clientele. For that reason, my bottle wasn't being used as often as it would have been if I still had my books full.

Bottom line is, because there weren't any signs of it going bad, there was no reason to toss it. I could see that my attachments were strong and secure and when it was dispensed it was forming that firm round bead, so I kept using it!  I made sure I always have a back up though, in case I went to use it and it suddenly was stringy!

It's so important that your glue is fresh and in optimal working condition, so it's always better to be safe than sorry and have a back up bottle on hand.

I recommend setting yourself up on our Adhesive Subscription Plan, so you'll always have a fresh adhesive at whatever time increment you choose, without even having to place your order! That could be around every 3-4 weeks if you’re a busier artist, or it could be every 4-5 weeks if your more part time, or even every 5+ weeks if you’re a beginner and you’re just building your clientele, or if lashing is your side hustle! Just don’t feel pressured to throw out a perfectly good glue at any specific point in time if it’s still working well for you!

Check out your completely customizable Subscription options through your account HERE, when you choose Subscription before adding to cart!

If you like having a back up bottle on hand and stored in the fridge, you'll want to take it out and let it sit in your storage container for 24 hours before using it. Refrigeration is definitely not necessary. What’s necessary is that your bottle is always stored shut, upright, in a cooler and more dark place. Our Adhesive Storage Container is the perfect solution, because it's all of those things, as well as airtight and can hold up to 3 bottles, as well as brushes in the middle! Another thing to note is that your bottle should never be put into the fridge after it’s opened, otherwise you may cause condensation to build inside, which would cause it to cure from within the bottle.

Hope this is helpful to you and leaves you feeling empowered to be a master of your craft AND your tools!

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