A List of Things to Do When You’re Struggling with Your Lash Adhesive!

There are ways to adjust your adhesive’s performance no matter what your environment is like. Yes, any environment can produce any viscosity and dry time you want, if you know how to work with your product. Here’s a list of things to help you troubleshoot any adhesive mess you find yourself in!

  • If your adhesive is drying too slowly for you, up the humidity in your room and/or use less glue. Cyanoacrylate (the main ingredient in our lash adhesives) cures in the presence of hydrogen, so the more hydrogen present, the quicker it'll cure. 
  • If it's drying too quickly for you, use a dehumidifier and/or use more adhesive to slow down the curing process, which gives you more time to work with it in it’s more liquified and uncured state.
  • If your adhesive is looking tacky, that means it's beginning to cure. You'll want to get a fresh new drop well before you're seeing any stringiness, and make sure your humidity level is lowered if this is happening too soon after you’ve dispensed a drop. Direct AC can also affect the viscosity of your adhesive. Make sure you're always screwing your cap on tightly after opening it, otherwise the product may start to cure inside the bottle by leaving it open and exposed to the humidity in the air. 

(Our adhesive containers are the perfect storage solution as they’re super dark inside and with foam inserts to keep your bottles upright. They’re also airtight and they even come with a little hole to put your brushes in so they aren't rolling off your workspace during the service! You can shop them HERE!)

  • If your viscosity (or consistency of the glue) is thin and you’re noticing it’s puddling out when you dispense a drop, you either need to give your bottle another super thorough mixing or you need to bring up the moisture level in your space in order to thicken it up. 

For more information on WHY you need to be mixing your adhesive and not shaking it, check out THIS blog post! And if you don’t know about the importance of working with a round bead of adhesive, check out THIS post! Both are sure to significantly improve your retention!

  • If your extensions are falling off when you brush through them, you may think it’s your adhesive, and that’s only slightly true. Some factors to consider are:
  • Your adhesive may have cured before you made contact with the natural lash. This could be because you’re working too slowly and it’s taking too long to go from picking up the adhesive to placing it onto the natural lash. In which case you’d want to make sure you’re getting your isolation really steady before you pick up your adhesive, you’re using more adhesive to slow down the cure time, and that if your space has higher humidity, you’re lowering it. 
  • Your bonds may not actually be securely attached. When you place an extension or fan, make sure your bonds are flush to the natural lash and that once they’re solidified after a second or a few seconds, you can tug on them gently and they won’t budge. Make sure to literally look closely and move your head to check out the attachment from all angles. 
  • Make sure your natural lashes are super clean. If there’s any residue, build up or natural oil on the lashes, your adhesive will not be strongly connected to the natural lash. 

(Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate was formulated specifically for lash extensions, the sensitive eye area and to completely strip the natural lashes of anything undesirable, while still maintaining the natural pH of the lash line. Which is all crucial for the longest lasting retention possible! For more information on why this product is such a game changer for your lash business, check out THIS blog post! To shop the entire collection of Prolong, click HERE!)

  • If your adhesive bottle or nozzle is clogged or stuck, don’t feel like you have to toss it or crack it off and pour your adhesive out from the big opening of the bottle. Most of us have been there, it’s not fun! Which is why we created an Adhesive Emergency Kit! It comes with two pins for poking through any build up in your nozzle, two replacement caps for if yours ever accumulates build up in it and two new nozzles as well! Check them out HERE! 

Best practices to prevent any of those things from occurring are to ALWAYS wipe your glue nozzle clean with THESE after each drop you dispense, screw the cap on tightly to prevent exposure to the environment and curing from within the bottle, and to put your bottle back into your Storage Container  to keep it upright, airtight and out of direct light. All key to keeping your adhesive performing for you and delivering the best retention!

I hope this list is helpful to you! We launched our industry fave Clearly Luxe formula (and Simply Black, the same glue just with Carbon Black added) because we found it to be the most workable formula for ANY environment and skill level. If you haven’t worked with it and experienced the difference a truly top tier glue can have on your work, we highly recommend you do!

Happy Lashing!

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