A List of Reasons Why You May Want to Consider Using Premade Fans!

Our industry has come a LONG way since loose lashes in a pot and now we're at a place where we are more than okay with using premade fans! We are an industry that is constantly evolving. There was definitely a lot of resistance and uncertainty regarding them for a while, but as we’ve come to understand their level of quality, I think most of us are now thrilled to have them as an option!

Whether you're skilled at hand making your fans or you’re a new lash artist, premades can be such a useful tool for your artistry! Here’s a list of reasons why you might want to consider using them or at least having them available to you if you ever find yourself needing them:

If you have a client who’s running behind, their appointment window becomes shorter, which means less time to apply lashes, which means less full of a result. Having premades ready and on deck means you’ll be able to throw them on in record time to get them as full as you would with a longer timeframe! You apply them much like you do Classic lashes, which is a lot faster to do than making fans by hand and applying them. And what’s great is, because our Handcrafted premade fans were made to meet all of the “perfect fan” characteristics, your clients won’t notice a difference and they’ll love their results just like they would if you had made the fans yourself!

If you’re a new lash artist or you’re only experienced in Classic lashes, but you want to work on building your Volume skillset and speed, these can help you offer the look before you’ve become a Volume expert! The benefit to that is, you’ll now be able to advertise that you offer Volume lashes while you continue to develop your hand making fan skillset, as well as your wrapping or locking of attachments, if that’s something that you still want to be able to do. Also, before premades, while you worked on becoming a talented Volume artist, your client’s results were affected by your lack of skill. Now that we have premades, you can deliver them incredible looks while still being a beginner! Don’t let those potential clients turn to your local competition just because you don’t offer what they’re looking for! 

A great idea is to practice making fans by hand in your spare time and even practice your attachments by applying them to classic lashes. Also, to build that muscle memory and skill of doing Volume work on an actual client, come up with a set amount of time in your appointment that you’ll dedicate to hand made Volume work and then a portion of time where you’ll apply premades in order to give still give fullness and quality results while you work to become more skilled.

For more info on how to practice lashing in a really impactful way, check out THIS blog post!

Volume lashing is a very technical and challenging skill to acquire! When you decide to work with finer diameters like .03 or .05, or even when you want to start doing more Mega Volume-like sets with 8+ extensions in a fan, it becomes even more difficult! If you’re an artist who’s working to develop a new Volume technique, using finer diameter premades and/or higher dimension premade fans will allow you to provide the look you want, while you practice those skills and build your muscle memory in your down time. Or, if you’re not interested in doing them by hand, now you can offer that look without investing in the development of acquiring the skill! Again, you want to be able to provide your clients with the looks they desire and not have to turn them away because you can’t give them what they want. That is, if it’s your goal to grow your clientele and offer more of a diverse menu. 

I know I speak for myself, but I'm also not alone in saying that I’ve had super busy days where my hands were just tired or for whatever reason, I just had a really hard time getting them to create the fans I wanted! Or maybe my attachments just weren’t setting onto that natural lash the way I wanted. There’s just some days where you feel like you suck lol. If you find yourself needing to work more quickly, have a little break or just need some extra assistance, premade fans are such a game changer to have on hand as a means of support! Think of them as your ‘back ups', even if you're a busy, experienced artist!

Whatever your reason for working with premade fans, you wanna make sure you’re offering your clients the highest quality for their result and maintaining the integrity of their natural lashes! 

Regardless of the reasons why I do feel they can be so beneficial, I certainly would never have decided to launch them in my store if I felt like they were lacking in quality in ANY way. There’s definitely been controversy in the past as far as the effects premades have on the art of lashing, but my biggest concern was always the effects they may have on our craft and industry as a whole if their quality was poor and they brought down the standards of what we do, by delivering damaging and unsightly results.

When I was able to successfully create a line of handcrafted premade fans that met all of the characteristics of what a quality volume fan should have, I knew I had to share them with artists who could benefit so greatly from them!

I am so stoked to now offer these incredibly made, handcrafted fans! You can grab yourself some by clicking HERE! ✨

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