4 Simple Ways to Achieve a Much More Even Looking Set of Lashes!

This is a question I get weekly from lash artists - “How can I make my lash sets look more even?!” It’s something we all want to offer our clients, but it’s not easy to make happen unless we’re being super intentional and taking these specific steps! I’m sharing my best tips for delivering results that are even and symmetrical looking! And what you’ll be surprised to find is that by implementing these techniques, you’ll also see your speed improve, as well as the overall styling of the set! So let’s get into how you can achieve more even looking lashes, by doing these 4 simple things…

The first thing is that you want to thoroughly examine your client’s lash line and make note if you see that one eye is naturally more thin or full than the other. If so, you’re going to want to take that into consideration when placing your lashes. For example, let’s just say you’re providing 100% coverage of their natural lashes... If one eye has less naturals than the other, then one eye will be thinner looking and one eye will be fuller looking. One lighter, one darker. Not good! So take note of the fullness of their lash lines, and when you’re lashing, make adjustments to how many you’re placing on each eye if necessary.

The second thing is to map out your set. Not only will this help you to achieve more even looking lashes, it DEFINITELY will help you significantly increase your speed, as well as the quality of your styling and shaping. Trust me on this one. I was the girl who thought I didn’t need to draw out my map because I felt I was THAT good, but once I did, I actually became better! Lol Anyways, you’ll want to draw your plans out for the set onto the gel pads and make sure that your drawings are even on both pads and your markings fall into the same place on both eyes. Afterall, this is your blueprint, so if IT’S not even or in the right spot, your placement and lashes won’t be even either. 

The next practice I recommend is to lash from eye to eye. Some artists prefer to lash one whole eye and then move onto the other, but I personally do not think it’s a good idea. One reason goes back to the first tip I mentioned, which is to make note of the natural fullness or thinness and to lash accordingly. It’s much easier to do this when you’re going back and forth because you’ve JUST seen the other eye and have a fresh memory of its fullness level. And more specifically, where exactly within the lash line it was thinner or more full so that you can replicate that on the eye you’re now on. Like let’s say she has a full lash line on the right eye but she starts to get more sparse on that side’s inner corner, you’ll want to give fullness on the left eye, but make sure her inner corner is evenly as lashed as her more thin right side inner corner. I also recommend lashing from eye to eye, because let’s say for whatever reason your appointment time is cut short, or you’re just working more slowly for some reason, you want to make sure that at any point you could stop lashing and they’d be even and ready to go as is. If you do one whole eye and then move on to the next and only have a short time left within the appointment, yikes… there goes your chance at getting them even!

Okay, so you have your familiarity with the amount of natural lashes each eye has, you have your mapped out plans drawn on the gel pads, and you’re going from eye to eye. The way I want you to do the back and forth, is by placing a specific amount of lashes within every zone of your map, then going to the opposite eye and doing that exact same placement. Think of this as creating a frame you’re going to build on.

For example:

You place 3 lashes in your outer portion on the right eye, 3 in the next zone, 3 in the next, 3 in the middle portion, 3 in the one next to that, and so on, until you reach the inner corner. (And don’t avoid that inner corner girl, I see you!) 

Then, go to the left eye and repeat that exact same work. 

And keep repeating this over and over as a means of building on your frame. Eventually you’ll be done and both eyes will have the exact same amount of lashes and all the zones will have lashes in them. Hence a more even, styled looking set of lashes!

Speaking of this, here’s a great resource for beginners, on the exact things that you should be focusing on, in order to produce better work, become faster and more skilled! https://jbrandbeauty.com/blogs/lash-artistry-tips/focus-points-for-the-beginnner-lash-artist

And there you have it, the 4 simple steps to take to achieve a much more even looking set of lashes!

If you have any questions or wanna let me know what you think, please leave a comment! Happy Lashing!

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